2023 Anthology

  • 2023 Anthology

The Haunted Words Press 2023 Anthology, collecting all three issues released in 2023 in a gorgeous new print collection. Issues collected include:

- Issue Four: Resolutions
- Issue Five: Wicked Woodland
- Issue Six: Ghoulish Grimoires

This anthology collects the incredibly talented works of Leylah M, Freya Elliott, Eve Greenlow, Maggie Iribarne, Kathryn Reilly, Mona Mehas, L.T. Ward, A.C. Bauer, Yuu Ikeda, Lauren Carter, C.D. Kester, Vi Oliver Quill, Jas Saunders, Nat Jacklin, Pam Knapp, Stephanie Henson, Enda Mulholland, Livia Hartpence, Helen Kemp Zax, A.L. Davidson, David M. Simon, Angela Patera, Madison McSweeney, Rebecca Riddell, Charlotte Brookins, Alexa Donley, Odi Welter, Caroline Lavoie, Maryana Simpson, Jacoby Crane, Ariadne Zhou, Keller Agre, Doodleslice, Amy R. Wethington, Azhlee Avro, Jacelyn, N.A. Kimber, Ogbewu Goodluck Idaa, Benjamin Bradley, Ayu Sekarlangit Mokoginta, Marisca Pichette, and Arda Mori. Our 2023 Anthology cover features the work of Jasmine St John Wallis.

Read about the strange, the spooky, and the magical. The stories of fairies and fungi, ghosts and grave-digging, and witches and weapons. Take a peek into the 2023 Anthology. You know you want to.